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Overnight Programs

Learn about archaeology through experiential activities.

Crow Canyon’s overnight programs for school groups are designed for students in grades 4 through 12. All programs include the basics of Pueblo Indian history and an introduction to the science of archaeology. Choose a longer program to allow time for additional hands-on activities, evening programs, and tours, such as a daylong guided tour of Mesa Verde National Park—an outdoor classroom unlike any other.

In our flagship 5–day field archaeology program, middle and high school students learn the basics of Pueblo Indian history, then contribute to Crow Canyon's ongoing research by working with our professional archaeologists, analyzing ancient artifacts in the laboratory, and excavating at a real archaeological site.

One-Day Field Trips

Learn about archaeology and Pueblo Indian history.

Whether experiencing seventh-century Pueblo Indian life at our Pithouse Learning Center or visiting a working archaeological site, students in Crow Canyon's school programs learn by doing! Developed in consultation with American Indians, our hands-on programs improve scientific literacy and foster critical-thinking skills, while teaching a part of American history that is too often excluded from textbooks.

Choose from two field trips for grades 4–12:

  • Field Trip 1: Pueblo History and Lifestyles
  • Field Trip 2: Pueblo History and Archaeology Tour

Custom field trips can also be arranged. A Crow Canyon sales and enrollment specialist can help you select activities appropriate to your educational goals, students' grade level, and the amount of time you will spend on campus. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Learning Centers

Experiential education is all about learning by doing. Because our goal at Crow Canyon is to learn and teach about the past, we face a special challenge—how to create spaces and environments that allow students to "experience" another time and culture. Through such experiences, students gain not just knowledge, but real understanding.

Currently, Crow Canyon has two learning centers: The Pithouse Learning Center recreates a Basketmaker III ("Early Farmer") pithouse dating from about A.D. 650; the Pueblo Learning Center is a replica of a Pueblo II–Pueblo III farmstead dating from about A.D. 1150 to 1200. Together, the two centers are powerful teaching tools, serving as temporal "bookends" that introduce students to the concepts of cultural continuity and change.

The Pithouse Learning Center
Originally constructed in 1985, the Pithouse Learning Center was Crow Canyon's first full-scale replica used as an experiential classroom. Located partway up a canyon slope, at the edge of the pinyon-juniper woods, the structure recreates an environment that allows students to experience for themselves the lifestyle of the ancestral Pueblo Indians (also called the Anasazi) of the seventh century A.D.

Years of use and exposure to the elements took their toll on the original pithouse, which was constructed of earth, stone, and wood—the same materials used by ancient builders. So Crow Canyon rebuilt the structure in the spring of 2006, retaining an authentic appearance, but this time incorporating more-durable materials into its construction.

The Pueblo Learning Center
Built in 2004 on the canyon rim opposite the Pithouse Learning Center, the Pueblo Learning Center allows students to "fast-forward" in time to the late twelfth century. The complex consists of a masonry roomblock and tower arranged around an open plaza, where students observe—and discuss the significance of—the dramatic changes in architecture that took place between the seventh and twelfth centuries. Using a curriculum developed in collaboration with our Native American Advisory Group, Crow Canyon educators lead students in activities that highlight both similarities and differences in lifestyle through time.

Curriculum & Standards

Crow Canyon's curriculum reflects 30 years of development, testing, and refinement by our staff of professional educators and archaeologists. Our goal is to engage students in the study of past and present cultures, challenge them to think critically, and instill in them a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

The Crow Canyon curriculum

  • is based on the belief that everyone's history matters
  • articulates with National Standards (Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies); Colorado Academic Standards, including 21st Century Skills; and Four Corners State Standards for Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.
  • allows students to "experience the past" through hands-on activities at our pithouse and pueblo learning centers, which replicate Pueblo settlements during the seventh and twelfth centuries A.D.
  • was developed in consultation with Pueblo Indians and other indigenous peoples to ensure that what we teach is accurate, respectful, and mindful of the connections between past and present

Evening Programs

When your school group stays on campus for at least one night, one or more evening programs are available at $6 per student per program. The availability of specific evening programs depends on staff availability, but, given enough advance notice, we will do our best to accommodate your requests. All evening programs last about one hour.

Ask us about evening activities that school groups can do on their own.

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We can create interactive 3D models of archaeological sites. We can also add the fourth dimension -time-showing the progression of occupation of a place over time. These interactive models add an exciting dimension of understanding for archaeologists and researchers, educators and indigenous communities, students and life-long learners around the globe. This technology is expensive, but it is essential if Crow Canyon is to remain a leader in archaeological research and educational opportunities. Help us build the capacity now to prepare for the explosion of digital growth that is our new reality.

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"We need to experience, we need to understand, we need to reflect and consider, and we need to pass on and perpetuate. Crow Canyon makes these things possible, tangible."
Scott Evans, Idaho State University art professor and Crow Canyon supporter since 1998.


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